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Rental offices with partitionable spaces in keeping with your needs.

Visualise your future rental office or retail unit through a virtual visit. The following audio-visual content provides a more detailed idea of our open-plan rental spaces designed for partitionable offices ranging from 40m2 to 2,000m2 per floor.


Small rental offices

Example of a 40m2 office
Small 40 m2 office with views of Port Vell for a 4-member staff. The space is open plan and a set of shelves separates the 3-person area from the individual office.

Example of an 80m2 office
Modern 80 m2 office with views of the sea and space for a staff of 7. It consists of three work spaces: a work pool for 6 people, a large office including a small area for meetings, and a meeting room with all the necessary amenities.

Medium-sized rental offices

Example of a 120m2
(2 individual offices + 1 meeting room)

Spacious 120 m2 office for 11 persons with views of the sea. It includes a reception area, two individual offices, an open space with 8 workstations and a meeting room for 6.

Example of a 120m2
(3 offices + 1 meeting room)

120 m2 office looking out onto WTCB's interior plaza, for a 15-member staff. Includes a visitor's reception area, a work space for 12, three individual offices and a large meeting room that seats 8.

Example of a 160m2 rental office
(3 offices + one meeting room)

160 m2 open-plan office with superb views of Barcelona's sea front and enough room for a staff of 16. The area is divided into a large reception area, two large offices each including a meeting area, one of which is medium-sized and a meeting room featuring all the necessary amenities.

Large rental offices

Example of a 1,100m2 office
1,100 m2 open-plan office that takes up half the fifth floor in the East Building of the Complex. This is the best option for corporate offices, due to its high-quality finishes, views of Barcelona's sea front and multiple partitioning possibilities. The floor has 2 stairwells, 3 lifts, a service lift, emergency exits, two 13m2 terraces and toilet facilities for men and women.

Commercial premises for rent

Retail unit rent

Example of commercial premises for rent
WTC Barcelona's commercial and restaurant area has a wide variety of commercial premises starting at 40 m2; these provide products and services to all WTCB users on a daily basis. If you have an idea and think it may work in the business complex, please don't hesitate to contact the commercial department at or calling +34 935 088 000.


General technical specifications:

  • High quality finishes
  • Linoleum finish floor surfaces
  • Pre-installed voice and data facilities
  • Easy-access false ceiling made of 300 x 1200 micro-perforated metal sheeting
  • Independent air conditioning in every module
  • Fiber-optic availability
  • Fire-prevention systems: detectors and sprayers
  • 300kg excess load




  Central core of 150 m2
  Central Hall
  3 lifts
  Service lift
  2 stair-cases
  Fittings and maintenance room
  2 separate bathrooms for men, women and the disabled


Communal spaces

Each floor has 1,700m2 of private space, which can be partitioned into approximately 34 40m2 modules.

Each office building has a private double terrace at the opposite end of each floor, with another 900m2 terrace on the eighth floor. The terraces provide you, your staff and your clients with breathtaking views of the sea, Barcelona's Port Vell and the historic city centre.

A 150m2 central core with 3 lifts, 1 service lift and 2 bathrooms with access for the disabled.

Each building has 3 intelligent-memory lifts for easy access between floors, as well as 2 stairways. Each building also has a service lift for goods and packages, in addition to maintenance and plant and equipment rooms.

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