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6 healthy habits to boost your work productivity and improve your personal life
Productividad wtcb
Work productivity, understood as human resources output, is one of the main tenets of the global economy. A focused, motivated person is bound to be a lot more productive under the same conditions and using similar tools than one who isn’t. It’s therefore advisable to be aware of habits that will make you feel better and, in addition to raising your productivity, can also be applied to your personal life. 

6 good habits
Most people realise whether they’re on the right track at a given time or whether they’re not doing something right. If that’s the case with you, certain habits will help you improve if you’re disciplined enough.

1. Learn new skills
The entropic process requires learning new skills so as not to become stagnant. In fact the prelude to states of depression is a lack of activity or motivation. Look for ways to keep developing your professional skills: learn a language or take a course to acquire new knowledge.

2. Exercise
It may sound like a cliché, but the principle of a sound mind in a sound body is true. Physical activity helps to release endorphins and this will have positive repercussions on your physical and mental well-being and on your work productivity. Although it’s important to pace yourself, doing exercise is a good way of reaching the right balance.

3. Get a good night’s sleep
Human beings need 7 or 8 hours’ sleep every day. Issues with insomnia have negative repercussions the following day, so if you’re having trouble sleeping we strongly advise you to do something about it, otherwise the problem will only get worse with the passing of time.

4. Be open to new experiences
Human beings are naturally curious, so being open to new experiences is a good way to satisfy our desire to learn. Whether you’re having a meeting with people you don’t know or you’re just going to a restaurant that serves dishes you’ve never tried, these experiences will help you increase your sense of well-being, make new acquaintances and therefore enhance your life.

5. Watch your diet
Regardless of personal circumstances that mean you must eat certain foods, bear in mind that a balanced diet is crucial to your well-being.Don’t abuse fats and alcohol, and make sure you’re getting the right nutrients, as they’re essential to your wellness.

6. Make reading a habit
Reading is a healthy habit because it opens us up to a wealth of possibilities. Knowledge is also advantageous in your work setting. Productive offices tend to have staff who are in the habit of reading, so they don’t need to be constantly looking up information.

In short, productive offices are those whose staff are capable of making a difference. Increasing importance is being placed on this point and on the need for employees to feel good psychologically in order to be more productive. If you follow these guidelines and gradually turn them into habits, you’re bound to see positive changes in a short time.

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