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The importance of networking for a successful career

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In a constantly expanding market, broadening and adding to your network of contacts is vital, both for seeking new horizons and for staying in corporations’ eyesights. How should we foster professional networking? Here’s everything you need to know.

Networking is of decisive importance in today’s job market. In today’s dynamic, ever-changing work setting, professionals need to constantly reinvent themselves and be on the lookout for new opportunities. 

Networking gives us access to contacts who can give us recommendations for sought-after positions, while also placing us in the sights of corporations. Networking is also an excellent means of strengthening ideas, exchanging points of view, finding out the state of a particular business sector and keeping abreast of developments in your field of specialisation.

Collaboration is of the essence in an ever-growing market. Exchanging points of view and opportunities provides benefits to all involved, in that it allows us to gain fresh insights, along with access to job opportunities that would otherwise pass us by.

Networking: How can we broaden our range of contacts?

”The wise man will ever want to be with him who is better than himself”. Attributed to Plato, this saying sums up the spirit of networking. 
It’s a highly constructive professional attitude, since surrounding yourself with people who can further your professional goals will broaden your horizons and encourage you to learn from points of view that will improve your ideas.

Although a CV is important, a recommendation from a contact adds weight and credibility. So how should we approach a corporate networking strategy?

1. Attending professional events

It’s advisable to attend conferences, talks, events and congresses that focus on your field of expertise to keep up with the latest trends and find out who’s leading the pack.

2. Business card

If you want to increase your contacts you need a business card featuring your name, line of business, webpage or personal blog and contact information. 

It’s a practical way of introducing yourself to other professionals, particularly in a setting such as a business event with a timetable brimming with activities that provide little time for conversation.

3. Social media

To broaden your range of contacts it’s essential to be active on social media, while following entrepreneurs, influencers and young talent who are the benchmark of success and an example to follow. Twitter, for example, is a good way of interacting with others. Together with LinkedIn, it’s a great tool for engaging in professional networking, since both media are knowledgeable communities.

4. Learning to listen

A key aspect of networking is listening to others to find out what their approach is to being successful. Being able to listen is of the essence and will pave the way for you to find your way in new social circles, so our advice is: be open-minded, listen, learn from others and always act like an apprentice.

Networking is basic for surviving and thriving in the work jungle. Working in an office complex is a great way of giving a boost to your business networks, and WTC Barcelona’s facilities are an outstanding option in this regard, since they offer a well-established community of professionals who engage in continuous innovation. WTCB is therefore an ideal environment for your professional advancement.

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