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1. Ownership of Website
The website “ “is owned by World Trade Center Barcelona SA, a Spanish trade corporation hereinafter known as WTCB, domiciled at Moll de Barcelona s/n Edifici Est, 1a planta, 08039 Barcelona, CIF number A59.390.948, and registered at the Barcelona Registry of Commerce in Tomo 183.646, folio 23, hoja nº 31004,
Contact: e-mail:  Tel.: (34) 93 508 80 00

2. Scope of the Legal Notice
The use of this Website is subject to the following terms and conditions of use. Please read them carefully. The use of this Website and/or the application and use of the materials contained in it imply that you have read and accept these terms and conditions unreservedly.

This legal notice sets forth the general terms governing both access and navigation and the use of content on this Website.

The information contained on this Website refers to the services rendered by WTCB. Said information is for illustrative purposes only and in no way constitutes a binding offer obliging the User to contract the services.

WTCB reserves the right to change the information herein contained when it deems it advisable and without prior notice, and is not responsible for the accuracy, insufficiency or authenticity of the information furnished. It also reserves the right to modify the contents of this Legal Notice. The User must therefore carefully read this Legal Notice each time he/she uses the Website, since the latter and the terms of use set forth in this Legal Notice may be subject to changes.

The rendering of services on this Website is limited to the time the User is connected to the Website or one of the services facilitated through the Website.

Some Website services accessible to Internet Users or for the sole use of WTCB clients may be subject to special terms, regulations and instructions that, if applicable, replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice and must be accepted by the User before the corresponding service is provided.

3. Terms and conditions of Website use
Accessing, navigating on or using this Website means the User accepts the terms of use. The User fully accepts, without any reservations, the terms and conditions contained in this Legal Notice.

Access to the Website is free except as regards the cost of connection through the telecommunications network supplied by the internet service provider contracted by the User. Certain services may be exclusive for our clients and access to them is restricted.

The User should not send WTCB any confidential information without first consulting WTCB and receiving its permission to send such information.

The User pledges to use the Website, and its services and contents lawfully in accordance with existing legislation, generally accepted use, good faith and the public order.

The User pledges not to engage in actions that could cause damage to the Website by rendering it unusable, overloading it or impairing it in any way, or preventing other Users from freely accessing, using and enjoying it. The User will be held liable to WTCB or third parties for any damages that could arise as a consequence of not abiding by said obligations.

4. Privacy and cookies policy

Entity responsible

The Entity responsible for the processing of data collected on this Website is:

Moll de Barcelona s/n edifici Est 1ª planta 08039 Barcelona, Spain.

Tel.: (34) 935088000

The personal data of users of this Website will be processed for the following purposes:

P.1: Attending to information requests and/or suggestions made by the User. The data processed for this purpose will be retained until the information request and/or suggestion is attended.

P.2: Keeping the user informed, including through electronic means, about WTCB products, services and news. The data used for this purpose will be retained until the user withdraws his/her consent to receive said notifications.

If you do not consent to the processing of your data for said purpose, please tick the following box ?

P.3: Managing parking-space reservations made by cruise passengers. Data processed for that purpose will be retained as long as the contractual relationship with the user remains in force, after which said data will remain blocked for lawsuit limitation periods, the longest being 30 years (articles 1,930 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code).

Legal Competence
The legal basis for processing the data specified above is as follows:

P.1 The User’s consent is implicit in his/her request and/or suggestion, to the extent that WTCB is able to attend it.

P.2 User’s consent to receive such communications.

P.3: Processing is necessary to execute a contract.

The User’s personal data will not be shared with third parties.

In sending the notifications mentioned in the second processing purpose (P.2) we may use the MailChimp platform, which implies transferring the User’s data to a processing manager located in the United States. The Rocket Science Group LLC, which is the owner of said platform, adheres to Privacy Shield (

The User may exercise the following rights in relation to his/her personal data: access; rectification; elimination; processing limitation; data portability and opposition.

Similarly, in the processing of the data of the interested party the legitimacy of which is based on the consent given by the same, the latter has the right to withdraw such consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing based on consent prior to its withdrawal.

To exercise said rights the User may send a request to Moll de Barcelona, s/n, Edificio Este 1ª planta, 08039 – Barcelona, Spain, or to the following e-mail address: .

In any event, the interested party has the right to file a claim with the corresponding control authority if he/she considers it advisable.

Use of cookies
Use of Website cookies

This Website uses its own and third-party cookies for the purpose of improving the services provided through said Website by analysing the User’s browsing habits. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use.

For the purposes of this policy, “continue browsing” means clicking on any button, box or Website link, downloading content from the Website, or scrolling the Website.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a data file that is downloaded to the User’s computer when he/she accesses specific websites, such as this one. Among other things, cookies enable such websites to store and retrieve information on the User’s or his/her computer’s browsing habits, and depending on the information they contain and the way the User makes use of his/her device, can be used to recognise him/her.

What type of cookies does this Website use?
Analytical cookies: These are cookies that, on being used by WTCB or third parties, make it possible to quantify the number of users and thereby engage in the statistical measuring and analysis of their use of the Website. Users’ browsing on the Website is analysed to that end in order to improve the availability of contents, products or services shown on said Website.

This Website specifically uses Google Analytics, an analytical tool provided by the third party Google Inc., located in the United States. Google Analytics uses its own cookies to notify the interactions of the Website’s users, by storing non-personal identification data. Browsers do not share cookies of origin through different domains.

How can I block or eliminate the cookies used on this Website?
The user may enable, block or eliminate the cookies installed on his/her device by changing the browser settings on his/her computer.

If the User does not want his/her data to be compiled by Google Analytics, they may install a browser disabling add-on. Further information here (PDF). Blocking the installation of the analytical cookies described in this policy does not hinder the User’s effective use of this Website.


5. Links
5.1 Links to other external websites
WTCB waives all responsibility for all information on the World Wide Web not generated by WTCB or not published under its name. The Website may contain hypertext links to other World Wide Web sites that are completely independent from this Website. WTCB will in no way be responsible for or guarantee the accuracy, insufficiency or authenticity of the information furnished by any individuals or legal entities, with or without legal status, through such hypertext links.

5.2 External links to the WTCB Website
Should any other website, User or entity wish to establish a link to “”, said link must comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. The link shall be directed to the main page or any of its sections. In any event the link must be absolute and complete, leading the User to the URL of the main page or the URL of any of its sections with a single click. The link must fill the entire screen extension of the portal.

2. Except with the express written authorisation of WTCB, in no case will the website establishing the link reproduce by including it as an integral part of its website, using frames, reroutings or any other measure to hide the origin of the information.

3. The establishment of links to from links containing illict, illegal, degrading or obscene contents that are morally offensive or contravene public order is prohibited.

Access to the Website includes technical linkage mechanisms, directories and even search instruments enabling the User to access other websites and Internet portals (hereinafter “Linked Sites”). In such cases WTCB acts as a provider of intermediary services in accordance with article 17 of the LSSI-CE and will only be responsible for the contents and services furnished by Linked Sites in the measure that it has effective knowledge of an illicit activity and has not deactivated the link with due diligence.

In the event that the User believes a Linked Site contains illicit or inappropriate content, he/she may inform WTCB by sending an e-mail to , without such communication implying an obligation to remove the corresponding link.

The existence of Linked Sites in no way implies the existence of agreements with the managers or owners of said Sites, or WTCB’s recommendation, promotion or identification with the manifestations, contents or services provided. WTCB has no knowledge of the contents and services of Linked Sites and therefore cannot be held liable for damages stemming from the unlawful nature, content, failure to update, unavailability, error or uselessness of the content and/or services of Linked Sites or for any other damages not directly attributable to WTCB.


6. Disclaimer of liabilities
The use of this Website is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

WTCB is in no way responsible for damages of any kind resulting from:

1. Unavailability, maintenance and operation of the Website or its services or contents, since it relies on the supplies and services of third parties.

2. Errors or omissions in the information published on the Website, or the failure, inadequacy or validity of the Website or its services to satisfy User needs, activities, specific results or expectations.
Access to the Website does not imply an obligation on the part of WTCB to ensure the absence of viruses or other damaging information technology (IT) elements. In any event it is up to the User to install appropriate tools to detect and disinfect harmful IT programmes. WTCB takes no responsibility for any damage caused to Users’ or third parties’ computer equipment during the use of the Website.


7. Legislation
This Legal Notice is governed at all times and in all cases by Spanish law.


Copyright © 2014 WORLD TRADE CENTER SA. All rights reserved.
Use of this website means you have accepted the terms and conditions specified in the Copyright.

World Trade Center Barcelona SA (WTCB) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions specified in the Copyright below at any time and without prior notice.

The information contained in this Website may be freely read, downloaded and stored as long as it is for non-commercial personal use and abides by the terms of this Copyright.

The User must respect the names, logos or registered trade marks and other copyrights, which are protected by WTCB’s industrial-and intellectual property rights, or, if applicable, by its licensors, joint ventures or partners. Copying, reproducing, publishing, loading, sending, transmitting, translating or distributing the content of this Website by any method or means, including texts, images, audio and video, either for public, commercial or communicative use is prohibited without the prior, express written consent of WTCB and must make explicit reference to WTCB’s copyright ownership.

The User shall refrain from extracting and/or reusing all or a substantial part of the Contents that make up the Website, or the databases that WTCB may place at the disposal of the Users.

Unless otherwise established by law, decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, sublicensing or in any way transmitting, translating or carrying out work stemming from the computer programmes needed to operate, access and use this Website and the services featured on it is prohibited, as is conducting any of the above operating actions. The Website User shall in any event refrain from suppressing, altering, eluding or manipulating any protective device or security systems installed on the Website.

No link to this Website may be activated without the prior consent of WTCB. Links must always be reviewed and accepted by WTCB prior to their activation. See Section 5 of the Legal Notice.

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